Our Projects

Street Children

Rootless and left to fend for themselves, India’s street children are exploited, abused, denied parenting, a safe home, food and education. We have projects to aid street children in various locations in India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi

  • reunite children with their families
  • get them off the streets permanently
  • prepare them to live in society
  • provide homes for those who are truly destitute
  • offer counselling for disturbed children

Over 7,000 children have used our shelters. Some come to stay, others drop in for a daily bath and meal. To date, we have reunited over 60 children with their families, enrolled 18 children in school, and provided vocational training to 30 boys who now hold well-paid jobs.

Slum Work

YWAM conducts community development programs among slums in major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Bhopal, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

We educate slum dwellers on basic hygiene issues and provide primary health care services. Our slum program has encompassed adult literacy programs, micro-enterprises, savings scheme programs, day care facilities for children, vocational training and sustainable income generating programs for young girls and women.

Care for Lepers

In 1997, we set up a project to care for lepers in Ambala. Since then, two more projects have started in Indore and Chennai. Our aim is to:

  • run mobile medical clinics and dispensaries
  • set up counselling and rehabilitation centers
  • establish educational programmes for the children of lepers
  • facilitate income generation projects
  • restore dignity to the lepers

At present, we visit the lepers, bathe their wounds and sores, cut away dead skin, apply medicines, and change dressings. Our vision is to expand this program to many cities across India.

HIV/AIDS Care Program

Holistic care has been the thrust of our HIV/AIDS program. Most HIV+/AIDS afflicted persons suffer not just the burden of illness but the pain of rejection by their families and society. YWAM has started a home care program and a hospice in Chennai to care for the sick and the dying.

At present, our home care program cares for 40 people. We counsel each person’s family, debunk the myths surrounding AIDS, and teach that love, care and good nutrition can bolster the health of the afflicted person. We advise HIV+/AIDS afflicted persons and encourage them to face life with a positive attitude. At present, we also have street HIV+ children growing up in our care.

Over 50 women dying of AIDS have spent their last days at our hospice. Besides care, we ensure that their last days are lived with dignity and peace. We have also performed over 100 burial services for those unclaimed by their families.